Q:   Do you deliver?

A:   Yes.  Monday through Friday, during business hours.

Q:  Can you help me load my pick-up truck?

A:  For any palletized materials we can certainly load it into the back of your pick-up with our forklift as long as the gate is able to open.

Q:   How do I know how much material I need to buy?

A:   We suggest you start with our Measurements Page that can walk you through some simple calculations. Then, stop in and we can help you figure out the rest.

Q:  Can I make an appointment to make a purchase or pick-up of material?

A:   Yes, you can certainly designate a time to come to the yard for your order. Just call ahead. It will help to ensure that we have someone that can assist you quickly, and also that we have the materials for your order easily accessible. It is not, however, required to have an appointment.

Q:   Do you do on-site estimates?

A:   No, but we are more than happy to figure out quantities of block, stone, or pavers for you, as long as you bring your dimensions to us at the yard.  For help, check out our Measurements Page.

Q:   Do you offer project consultation?

A:   Absolutely, come in with your ideas and our experienced staff will help you from beginning to end.

Q:   Can you match a stone or brick if I bring one in?

A:   We will do our best to help you find exactly what you are looking for.